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Here are some our most frequently asked questions:

'......Are all your designs solid silver?'

All of the pieces which form part of the Caregos Couture Collections are solid (stamped 925 silver) unless otherwise stated.

Some of our fashion pieces (such as special occasion chokers and belts) are silver or gold plated. These are created on a commission only basis (mostly requested by our celebrity clients for special events, awards ceremonies and promotional work/charity catwalk shows/events).
An example of a gold-plated design is below which was designed and donated to the Ty Hafan Butterfly Ball event in Decemeber 2008 and which fetched £700 for the charity:

Butterfly Ball Choker 1      Butterfly Ball Choker 2

The stamp 925 means that the metal contains a minimum of 92.5% silver. Jewellery made of pure silver would not have the durability required for jewellery worn regularly and as a result 'silver' is mixed with other metals/alloys (for instance copper) to give strength and durability to the metal.

'.... Are the crystals used all Swarovski crystals?'

Yes, we only use certified Swarovski crystals purchased from a respected dealer in these items. As a sign of authenticity most Swarovski pendants are etched with the Swarovski Strauss mark, however this is not always the case (e.g. the Bordeaux range is not etched), however we are happy to provide clients with the Swarovski product number to substantiate authenticity, if requested.

'..... Is the jewellery on your website by Swarovski?'

No, the jewellery on sale on our website is designed by Caregos, but we use authenticated Swarovski crystals and components in all our pieces.
'.....How do I care for my jewellery?'
We recommend that you store your jewellery away from other pieces, as the crystals and pearls can be damaged if stored with other items, especially during transit. As a result we strongly recommend that, to keep your jewellery in optimum condition, it is always stored in the luxury black velvet pouch or box that we provide with all our pieces.
Silver oxidises (takes on a grey/black hue) and therefore will benefit after a time from a slight buffing/cleaning. The oxidisation can be removed very simply with either a clean cloth (there are also specialised jewellers cleaning cloths available from all reputabl jewellers) or with warm soapy water (the latter cleaning method is not advised for any jewellery pieces which have use Swarovski pearls).

'..... Do you offer a commission service?

Yes, we're delighted to design one-off pieces (this service is mostly used by our celebrity clients to co-ordinate a piece with a particular outfit). Pieces (once agreed upon) have to be paid for in full before we will make the piece (which will take between 7-14 days) and these items are non- refundable or returnable.

Please see our 'Other Services' section for further details.

'..... Are all of our designs one-off couture pieces?'

Yes, we tend to only design one of each piece to keep the collections fresh and selling mass market has never been of interest to Caregos. Our clients love the idea that their pieces are totally unique and that no other piece exists, of it's kind, in the world. We release between 4-6 new collections each year which are shown at a variety of events (such as catwalk shows and exhibitions) together with our ranges being sold both at the Model House, Llantrisant and RMA Jewellers, Porthcawl.

We do have a small range of  'Limited Edition' pieces which are available to retailers, however this will be clearly stated in the items description and represents a very small part of the Caregos Couture Collections.

'..... Who designs Caregos Couture Collections?'

Claire Meredith is the Chief In House designer of Caregos Couture Jewellery, with selected pieces being designed by Dai Barnaby.
'......I like a piece but it is in the 'sold' section?'
As we only tend to design one of each piece, once an item/collection has sold through we then begin designing new pieces/ranges. Photographs of all the pieces recently sold have been put in the 'Sold' section of our on-line store, and we would be happy to design a piece simular to one previously sold, however we will deliberately design the piece slightly differently to ensure that each piece designed, is totally unique.

'.... How will I receive my jewellery?'

All our necklaces and bracelets are delivered in a luxury black velvet box jewellery box (which is reflected in the postage and packaging costs) and sent in a Jiffy Bag (which we find offers the best protection for pieces during transit). Earrings and rings are delivered in a luxury black velvet pouch (our rings are too big to fit into conventional ring boxes!) and also sent in a Jiffy Bag, all by Recorded Signed For, First Class Delivery.

Once payment has cleared we will send your items within a maximum of 7 days.


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