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This collection is new for Spring/Summer 2008 and is inspired by the stunning jewellery which is produced by Asian jewellery designers. Their confident use of rich colours, mutli-layered designs and opulent textures and materials have inspired this new range.
I was particularly inspired by a piece of Asian jewellery called a, 'Rani Haar' this is a piece of neck-wear which was traditionally worn by Asian queens and royalty. The wealth of precious jewels and metals used in it's design signified the wearers importance and status in society.
For this collection we have used a range of rich purple and mauve's, using Swarovski crystals and pearls extensively, together with solid silver wire and chains. We've also used a large range of solid silver chandeliers to create the layered looks used in Asian jewellery design, together with mutliple drops to give movement and added interest to pieces.

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Purple Swarovski Twist & Swarovski Round Solid Silver Bracelet.

Purple Swarovski Twist & Swarovski Round Solid Silver Bracelet. - £125.00

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