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Caregos Couture resulted from a love of individual, bespoke pieces. And we offer clients a commission service.

A bespoke piece of jewellery from Caregos is designed and made exclusively for the individual client. With our guidance the client can choose the style, colour, components, length and additional embellishments they desire, to create their own individual piece. Based on your budget, colour preference and the occasion at which the piece will be worn, we can produce pieces that are truly unique. Clients really enjoy this service, which enables them to express their individuality, whilst being able to call upon the jewellery skills and experience of Caregos Couture to realise their design.

The client is consulted at each design stage (digital photographs of the piece are e-mailed to the client to ensure they have happy with progress made), ensuring the finished piece is totally bespoke to the clients wishes.
This also means that we can adapt or change the style and content based on the client's feedback during the design and manufacture process.

You can be as involved in this process as you please. Some of our most recent collaborations have been some of our best designs, and we always enjoy a design challenge!

Rich colours are a personal favourite and below is a recently designed one-off piece using a range of emerald green vintage rhinestone necklaces, Swarovski and glass pearls in hues of green, Swarovski crystals and gold plated chains make for a truly striking piece.

Green Necklace 3

Green Necklace 1

Green Necklace 2

Green Necklace 4

Another new piece, also making use of the newly released Swarovski Neon range, this time in rich green. Also used are strings of black glass pearls and a selection of vintage rhinestone necklaces.

Neon Green 1

Neon Green 2

Neon Green 3

Neon Green 4

Neon 5

A recently completed design, part of the one-off service (and showing the level of individuality that can be achieved), is an elaborate necklace made using vintage rhinestone necklaces, Neon Swarovski pearls and gunmetal chains.

Neon Yellow 2

Neon Yellow 3

Neon Yellow 4

Below is a piece we designed recently, as a one-off. A striking choker, which uses Montana glass pearls and a selection of gold-plated vintage rhinestone necklaces, with gold-plated trace chains added for interest and drama.

Blue Choker Jan 2013 1

Blue Choker Jan 2013 2

Blue Choker Jan 2013 3

Blue Choker Jan 2013 4

Another recent example of a commission involved a client (see images below) who had discovered some jewellery pieces belonging to her late mother, whilst sorting through some possessions.

The vintage rhinestone jewellery we used, judging by the style and finish, had been passed down through several generations and it was a great idea to incorporate these pieces (which were currently unworn) into a modern and wearable piece.

The client loves rich pinks ... so I suggested using one of
the styles
recently released as part oftheSwarovski Neon Pearl range. A rich, vibrant pink was contrasted with two different hues of grey Swarovski pearls, and inter-spaced with a selection of the client's rhinestone necklaces. A cascade effect was created by using three rhinestone brooches to the left hand side, ending with the smallest of the three, which then leads the eye to multiple strands of pearls. A t-bar clasp, secured at the back (allowing the piece to be removed very easily), finished off a feminine and striking piece, with a punk rock edge.

Neon Necklace 4
Client's rhinestone pieces, incorporated into a new, unique necklace of
Swarovski pink Neon Pearls, with grey Swarovski pearls

Neon Necklace 1
Client's rhinestone, with
Swarovski pink Neon Pearls and grey Swarovski pearls (detail)

Neon Necklace 2
Client's rhinestone, with
Swarovski pink Neon Pearls and grey Swarovski pearls (detail)

Neon Necklace 3
Client's rhinestone, with
Swarovski pink Neon Pearls and grey Swarovski pearls (detail)

We have also designed pieces for special one-off charity events and the below choker is an example of this. Designed for Tŷ Hafan's Butterfly Ball charity auction, we made this piece using gold-plated filigree butterfly charms, a selection of Swarovski lilac pearls and swags of gold plated chain. The piece has been designed deliberately asymmetric, making a very contemporary piece.

Butterfly Ball Choker 1

Butterfly Ball Choker 2
 Com 4
Hand encrusted Swarovski leather kitten heels and bespoke gold plated tiara with Siam, Light Siam and Garnet Swarovski bicones.
These pieces were designed for a bride.

Com 1
Bespoke solid silver Cleopatra-style armlet (for a bride) using Shadow Gold Swarovski bicones and handmade glass black/gold beads.
Designed to allow it to be made smaller, or larger, to fit comfortably on the arm of the wearer

Com 6
This client (another bride) asked us to design a tiara which could then be adapted into a choker, with minimal complexity.
The twisted wire section of the tiara was easily detached and then converted into an elaborate and one of a kind, choker.

Com 7
The twisted wiretiara/choker (detail)

Com 8
This commission was for a bride having a western-themed wedding, who wanted a piece influenced by show-girls/saloon-girl style.
We used silver and black marabou feathers set to the right of the piece, with a flower motif around the tiara band using her colour choices of silver, purple and black. 

 Com 9
This tiara was commissioned by a bride who wanted to have an angular (and dramatic) feel to the wire work, on which freshwater pearls and gold Swarovski pearls are suspended. Also used in the design are Golden Shadow Swarovski bicones.

Com 2
This piece was commissioned by a client who wanted something feminine and unique for her sister, as a gift. We used peridot coloured Swarovski Twist pendants on solid silver trace chain drops. The drops are then suspended on a solid silver trace chain; giving the piece great movement and lightness.

Com 3
This piece was designed for a client who loved one of our other designs, but wanted something a little different. The solid silver charm has Swarovski pearls and faceted rounds suspended from it by handmade chains in solid silver wire. The charm is then suspended from a solid silver trace chain.

All our purchases are despatched by first class delivery, signed for, and are delivered in high quality black velvet jewellery boxes and/or pouches.

Gift Wrapping

Caregos offer a gift wrapping service. The prices quoted also include postage & packaging charges.
We use good quality wrapping paper, ribbon and bows, around our black velvet jewellery boxes and/or pouches. We will include a gift tag, either with your message, or left blank for you to complete yourself.
Cost depends on the size of the piece:



(e.g. simple earrings, small pendant on trace chain)



(e.g. chandalier earrings, medium pendant)



(e.g. elaborate earrings, bracelet, large pendant)

Extra Large:


(e.g. elaborate necklace, choker, wirework necklace)

We would be happy to send your gift direct to the intended recipient

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